Sunset Magazine Poster: February 1903 - Blanket-Wrapped Navajo

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While moving offices recently, we discovered a cache of old, beautifully preserved posters highlighting Sunset Magazine covers from the past. Many of them were printed as far back as the 1970s!

Now we’re making this “dead stock” available to you. Own a piece of Western history, and display it with pride at home. Just remember, there are very limited quantities, so when they’re gone, they’re really gone…This poster, produced in 1973, and is 20” x 29”.

Maynard Dixon (1875–1946) was one of the premier artists of the West, a masterful observer of deserts and mountains, horses and cabins, cowboys and Native Americans. Over the course of 30 years, he painted dozens of covers for Sunset Magazine.

Disclaimer: These are vintage posters and as such may have very slight wrinkles, creases, or discoloration. We are handling them with the utmost care, but they are sold as-is and cannot be returned for minor, age-related damage.


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